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What's the best no nicotine vape juice?

What's the best no nicotine vape juice?

If you've gone entirely off nicotine (good for you) but still enjoy the flavor of vaping, you may be asking which is the best no nicotine vape juice on the e-liquid market. Well, if you found a vape juice with nicotine that you enjoy, chances are you'll also enjoy the 0mg nic version as well. Nicotine does alter the flavor slightly, but if you like the vape juice flavor with nic, you should also like the one without nicotine.

Most people go for the high VG or max VG versions of 0mg nicotine, which is thicker and may not feed very well in some older vape tanks. The higher VG usually means more massive clouds of vapor and more flavor. Nicotine is generally mixed in a PG base. So, it makes sense that 0mg nic juice is mostly VG.

There are vape juices that have no nicotine but are infused with other elements such as melatonin and caffeine. Take a look at the High Voltage line for some of those. Don't forget that caffeine is also addictive. Also, with legalization coming around, you may be able to find some other substances in vape juices on the market. We do not offer them. Sorry.

Still, for 0mg nic level juice, the usual suspects are the bestsellers, just like the vape juice with nicotine. Here are our current top 5 no nicotine vape juices:

  1. Sugar Cookie by You Got e-Juice
  2. Strawberry Custard  by You Got e-Juice
  3. Milk of the Poppy by Left Coast
  4. Unicorn Milk by Cuttwood
  5. Blue Dragon by eJuice Company

Congratulations to you if you've gone from smoking cigarettes all the way down to vaping 0mg nic vape juice. We're sure you feel much better, and your taste buds have come back alive. Feel free to continue vaping and enjoy the flavors you've grown to love without the addictive substances.

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