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Switch Magnet Upgrade

Keke Magnet

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Switch magnets to replace your spring fired mod button.

Simple Installation: Remove the bottom switch, unscrew the tiny bolt that goes against the battery. On Nemesis Mods be CAREFUL with tiny brass pin--make sure it stays in place. Put one magnet in bottom, place other in cap with reverse magnetism (the resistance is what causes the spring action), hold cap down, screw back in the tiny bolt, and you're good to go.

NOTE: This sale is for a set of magnets only. The button is not included.


  • Replaces the spring in the Mod fire button
  • Magnetic Grade: N35

HADES MOD: IMPORTANT! While magnets in this mod make firing nicer and smoother, they are NOT as strong as the original spring. Since the Hades mod is so heavy, especially with an atomizer on top, if you set it on the button with magnets installed and without the lock engaged, IT WILL FIRE! Make sure you lock your mod with the ring before setting it down.

PENNY MOD: IMPORTANT! There are different versions of the button. Make sure yours matches the pictures before buying.

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