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The Best Vape Juice for Winter 2018

The Best Vape Juice for Winter 2018

Back when we first started selling vape juice in 2013, we discovered fine, affordable e-juice from a company called Blue Dot. They sent us samples and we were blown away by the dense flavor and high quality. The vape juice came in 50ml squeeze bottles, long before unicorn squeeze bottles became so popular.

We ordered the entire line and filled our shelves. Our vape customers soaked up the fine vape juice two and three at a time. The most popular flavors have been Milk of the Poppy (this is the original) and Moo Fields.

A few years ago, Blue Dot transformed their line to be called Left Coast Liquid. They added a bunch more flavors, including one we highly recommended (Samoan Clouds, made to resemble the popular Girl Scout cookie). They also transitioned from a 50ml bottle to a 60ml squeeze bottle. Whereas the 50ml sold for $10.99, the 60ml is similarly cheap at only $12.99. At that price, you'll be hard-pressed to find such high-quality vape juice.

This year, Left Coast also released nic salts versions of their entire line, and we immediately stocked our shelves with them. The nic salts versions come in 12mg and 24mg nic concentrations and are designed to be used in refillable pod systems. We strongly caution you to ONLY use these nicotine salts versions in pod systems as the concentration is too high for traditional tanks and drippers.

If you haven't tried Left Coast yet, visit our page here and find a flavor you like. If you're switching from smoking, you'll love the cig taste of Newpoe or the richer cigar/pipe flavor of Southern Star. As always, shop at MaxVaping and save.

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