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Coils: Pre-Built RBA RDA Coils, Replacement Coils

Pre-Built RDA Coils and Replacement Coils - Save time and money by buying packs of pre-built coils for your RDA RBA, and pick up replacement coil packs for your tanks. We have all sort of coils made from Kanthal®, FeCrAl, Nichrome, Nickel, Stainless Steel, and ceramic elements. There are single-wire coils and fancy coils including Clapton, alien, fused, ribbon, and twisted coils.

Make sure your mod and atomizer can handle the resistance (ohms) of the coils. Note that when you double the number of coils, you halve the resistance. Two 0.5 ohm resistance coils in a build will create a 0.25-ohm resistance. Also, many of the exotic coils are wide, so make sure you have an RBA with large post holes. If you're unsure which coils to buy, try an assortment pack to find the best coils for your vape setup.

If you have the proper tools you can adjust the prebuilt coils by adding or removing wraps. That will lower or raise the resistance. Always test the coils before using them to ensure there are no shorts or hot spots. The coils are clean, but it is also a good idea to fire the coils without the wick to burn off any undesirable elements. Make sure to wait until the coils have cooled off before measuring resistance or adding the cotton wicks.

Once your try MaxVaping coils, you'll enjoy better clouds and flavor without all the hassle of building your own.