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Our Vape Juice Reviews

Our Vape Juice Reviews

The MaxVaping staff samples and reviews every e-juice we receive before adding them to our online vape shop. Typically, we have vape juice brands send us 3mg samples of each flavor they would like us to add. We all give them an honest try; then we add only the very best vape juice we find. The e-liquid needs to be a "game changer" for us to add it. A large percentage of the vape juice we receive to sample is mediocre at best. Most winds up in the trash bin. We don’t have the space to carry ejuice brands that are not exceptional.

Sometimes customers ask us to add an e-liquid brand, which causes us to give the juice another try. Also, some vape juice companies change the recipe for their e-juice. Often, this is an improvement, so we wind up reconsidering their juice line. There are also some lines that are adding nicotine salts versions of their juices, which we also consider.

Note that taste is obviously subjective, so a vape juice we love may not be your cloud of vape. You can be confident that the quality of e-juice we carry will be high. Your best bet is to search for flavors you love (i.e., type "cherry" in the search box top-left), then check the results and customer reviews. If you happen to receive a vape juice you dislike, call us, and we’ll make it right for you. We stand behind the e-juice brands we carry, so we’re confident you’ll love it.

If you'd like us to consider your vape brand or one you love and would like to see on our shelves, please drop me an email at, and we'll give it a try.

Thank you and vape on.


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