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Best New Pod Systems

Best New Pod Systems

The new ultra-compact and convenient vaping pod systems continue to be released at break-neck speed. There are many options now available whether you're looking for a small device to carry or making the initial switch from cigarettes. Aside from the small footprint, these devices mostly feature no power on, off, or adjustment buttons -- you inhale, and it fires. This usually works through a magnetic switch trigger by the airflow.

Pod systems come in two main variations: one with closed pods and one with refillable pods. Some closed pods can be refilled. (Look for videos on how to refill a Bo Pod.) The problem with refilling a closed pod could be leakage or the degradation of the coil since it is not designed for long-term use.

Most people prefer the refillable pods because they desire a variety of flavors and the flexibility of changing out quickly instead of being stuck with a closed pod flavor they do not enjoy. Make sure; if you want a refillable pod system, you only fill those pods with vape juices that have nicotine salts. The salts versions are specifically designed for pods. Also, do not use pod juice in tanks and RBAs as it will be way too harsh due to the high nicotine concentrations.

Three of the newest pod systems in MaxVaping's shop include:

  1. Aspire Kwit Stick
  2. myblu
  3. Aspire Breeze 2

Of these, the most popular is the Kwit Stick. These are refillable pods, and the initial starter kit package comes with four pre-filled pods (watermelon, tobacco, mint, mango). The device has a strong rechargeable battery that lasts relatively long. The pods come in the standard size for vape pods: 1ml. We have the Aspire Kwit Stick on sale right now at $15 off for only $34.95, and we highly recommend it.

Shop all of our newest pod systems and save.

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