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What are the top 5 best cheap vape juice flavors of 2018?

What are the top 5 best cheap vape juice flavors of 2018?

When you're looking for the best cheap vape juices on the market, look no further than MaxVaping. We stock hundreds of vape juice brands at great prices. You can pick up e-juice bottles from 15ml up to 180ml, and cheap vape juice shoppers will find the highest quality affordable vape juice flavors right here.

The FDA is cracking down on vape juice (thanks to big tobacco, which needs people to go back to smoking, and dying). That has caused a bit of a slow down in vape juice releases. There for a while in the past five years, many new e-juice flavors and brands were showing up every week. Not so much right now in 2018. Also, many top vape juice brands are switching over to producing nicotine salts based vape juice, which is used in refillable pod systems.

Still, you can pick up some cheap vape juice to fill your tank without sacrificing quality. Our neighbors in San Diego produce some of the finest e-liquid on the vape market, and their prices are amazingly low. You can pick up 30ml-60ml bottles for $7-$13 and 100ml-120ml bottles for around $20. At those low vape juice prices, you can fill your tank daily and not feel the pinch you used to feel when purchasing packs and cartons of cigarettes.

As of Summer 2018, these are MaxVaping's top 5 cheap vape juice flavors:

  1. Sugar Cookie by You Got e-Juice
  2. Milk of the Poppy by Left Coast (also comes in nic salts)
  3. Strawberry Pervert by White Label Juice
  4. Cake Batter by Crown e-Liquid
  5. Apple by BCB Liquids

Try any of these great cheap e-liquids and you'll be impressed at the value you're receiving. If you are unsure what new vape juice flavor to try, consider picking up a sample e-juice pack from YouGoteJuice. That pack comes with 4-15ml bottles at your preferred nic strength. Those e-juice sample packs come in different flavors including fruit, cereal, custard, and a summer flavor mix. They're on sale ($4 off) for only $20.

Search for your favorite vape juice flavors using the search box top left, and save on all your cheap vape juice needs here at MaxVaping.

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