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Vape Juice Flavors with Nicotine - The Top 10

Vape Juice Flavors with Nicotine - The Top 10

If you're looking to refill that new vape tank and you need to try a new vape juice flavor with nicotine, you've come to the right place. At MaxVaping, we have hundreds of brands of e-juice with even more vape juice flavors and nicotine strengths. Now that pod systems have become popular, we also have numerous nic salts e-liquids for your refillable pods.

The most popular nicotine level for vape juice has been 3mg. It seems most people who quit smoking start with 12mg nic levels, then work their way down to 3mg or 1.5mg. It seems having some nicotine in the vape juice is ideal when switching from cigarettes. Others do manage to get down to e-liquid with no nicotine, which is the best option according to most health professionals.

We have conveniently added a nic level drop-down selector at the top of our site so you can see all the vape juice we have at a certain nicotine strength. Choose your ideal nic level from 0mg (none) all the way up to 50mg, which is designed for refillable pod systems.

If you have specific vape juice flavors you enjoy -- like cherry, custard, or coffee -- you can enter one or more of those flavors into the search box at the top left. You'll see all the e-liquid flavors that have that ingredient in the search results. Then you can filter by nicotine level until you find the e-juice you want.

As of June 2018, these are the top 10 vape juice flavors with nicotine:

  1. Sugar Cookie - You Got eJuice
  2. Milk of the Poppy - Left Coast
  3. Unicorn Milk - Cuttwood
  4. Angel Dust - Flavor Bomb
  5. Blue Dragon - eJuice Company
  6. Strawberry Custard - You Got eJuice
  7. The Milkman
  8. Silly Rabbit - Left Coast
  9. Mother's Milk - Suicide Bunny
  10. Strawberry Pervert - White Label Juice Co.

Shop these top 10 vape juice flavors with nic today and save.

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