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Top Tobacco-Flavored eLiquids

Top Tobacco-Flavored eLiquids

For many people using vaping as a means to quit smoking, tobacco flavored e-Liquids are more effective than the popular, sweet fruit or dessert flavors. While there are not as many tobacco flavored e-Juices out on the market, there are some -- many of those excellent.

There are different flavors of tobacco, just like leaf tobacco. Some taste more like cigarettes, some more like light brands, and yet others taste more like pipe or chewing tobacco. We've even had a few that are spicy, like Turkish tobacco. It all depends on the flavor you prefer, but you'll be able to find a tobacco e-Liquid quite easily on our site.

The top tobacco flavors we sell are from Old Fashioned Elixir. One is Classic Gold and the other is Original Bold. The Classic Gold is meant to resemble traditional light cigarettes (think Newport Lights). Another similar flavor is Newpoe by Left Coast. If you prefer the bolder tobacco flavors (like Marlboro), you'll want the Original Bold or Uncle Junk's Jon Wayne.

If you prefer a sweeter, more cigar or pipe-like tobacco, you have to try Left Coast's Southern Star. I never was a smoker, and even I love the flavor of this one. It's really thick and moist leafy, rather than the dry harsh flavor of cigarettes. Southern Star also comes in Nic Salt versions, perfect if you have one of those pod systems. If you're on a budget, try the Tobacco and Tobacco Menthol flavors from You Got e-Juice, which are only $20.99 for 120ml.

No matter your choice here, every one of them is much better than lighting up. Once you begin vaping these fine tobacco flavors, you can venture off into more complex, dessert and fruit flavors to mix things up.

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