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Top 5 e-Liquid for Pods

Top 5 e-Liquid for Pods

Small-profile vaping pod systems have gained popularity in 2018, including  Suorin and Infinix Pod systems. Whereas some of the pod systems on the market come with disposable flavor pods, others offer more flexibility with refillable pods.

When selecting pod e-liquid, the best e-liquid to use in a pod system is one that is made with nicotine salts. This is because the pod systems don't produce as much vapor as larger tank and RBA devices. Also, these nicotine salts e-liquids typically have higher concentrations of nicotine -- anywhere from 12-24mg (as with the Left Coast liquids) to 35mg (Ruthless) or more. This is not to say you can't use regular e-juice in a pod system. If you do, the nicotine delivery will be lower than it would be using nic salts.

Our list of e-liquids designed to be used in pods is expanding weekly, but here are our current top 5 e-liquids for pods:

  1. Moon Sugar by Mr. Good Vape - Sugar cookie, warm butterscotch and toasted graham cracker.
  2. Newpoe by Left Coast e-Liquid - Traditional tobacco accompanied with strong menthol.
  3. Swamp Thang by Ruthless - Green apple and subtle tart flavor.
  4. Milk of the Poppy by Left Coast e-Liquid - Sweet custard vape with many fruity nuances.
  5. I Love Salts

Pick up one of the many pod systems we have on sale today, fill it with nicotine salts e-liquid designed for pod systems, stick it in your pocket or purse, and enjoy a great stealth vape all day long.

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