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Reviews of Cheap e-Liquid to Try and Save

Reviews of Cheap e-Liquid to Try and Save

Along with the recent popularity of nicotine salts liquids designed for use with pods, there are numerous new releases of inexpensive e-liquid. The affordable lines we sell including You Got e-Juice and White Label have recently been joined by a great new line: Crown e-Liquid.

The best thing about Crown e-Liquid is the high quality, considering it is definitely one of the cheapest e-liquids on the market today. You can pick up a 30ml squeeze bottle of Crown e-Liquid for only $6.95. That's insane! It comes to 23 cents per ml, which is definitely one of the cheapest e-juice prices we have ever seen.

Now, at such a cheap price, one might expect the quality to be low. Other cheaper e-liquids often have less flavor. That's not the case with Crown e-Liquid. Every one of Crown's juices we've tried is full of flavor, and easily comparable to much more expensive e-liquids.

Our favorite Crown flavors include:

  1. Cake Batter
  2. Sour Candy
  3. Watermelon Cooler

You really can't go wrong with these. Load up on a variety of Crown e-liquid flavors, so you won't get tired of vaping the same flavors over and over. At $6.95 for 30ml, you'll be able to enjoy this affordable e-juice without cutting into your budget.

Shop the entire line of Cheap e-Liquid from Crown.

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