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Review of You Got e-Juice Sample Packs

Review of You Got e-Juice Sample Packs

Due to popular demand, we now have You Got e-Juice Sample Packs in stock. These handy packs each come with 4 x 30ml squeeze bottles. Fruit, cereal, summertime, and other packs are available, each containing the most popular four flavors in the category.

You Got e-Juice offers over 40+ flavors in affordable 60ml and 120ml bottles, so a sample pack is a convenient way to taste and decide which of their excellent e-liquids you want. For instance, if you're a fruit lover, you can get the fruit sample pack of banana, peach, raspberry, and cherry. There's also cereal, custard, and summer flavors packs available, just in time for Christmas 2017.

The eLiquid sample packs are reasonably priced at $23.99 for the four-pack. That's 120ml total for $23.99, which is a great deal. What a great stocking stuffer for that vaping lover in your life!

Our neighbors at You Got e-Juice are also releasing new flavors at a fever-pitch rate. If you haven't tried their Strawberry Rice Crispy Treat, you're missing out on something fabulous. Just in time for the holidays, they released Egg Tart and Pumpkin Cheesecake. Yum.

As one of our bestselling eLiquid lines, You Got e-Juice delivers quality eJuice at reasonable prices. You can pick up their 60ml bottles for $11.99 and their 120ml bottles are only $20.99, which is one of the lowest prices available for any eLiquid, let alone ones a fine as theirs. Still, with so many to choose from, people have been begging for You Got eJuice sample packs, and today we've got them.

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