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Review of King's Crown Fight Your Fate

Review of King's Crown Fight Your Fate

Fight Your Fate by King's Crown (a Suicide Bunny creation) is a classic goody. The lemon, strawberry combination is ideal for most eLiquids because it balances sweet with sour. As with Suicide Bunny's other liquids (Mother's Milk and the Cloud Company Line), the quality of their ingredients shines through. This is one I've loved from the first vape, and I'm confident you will not be disappointed.

Recently, King's Crown began releasing their eJuice line in 60ml and 120ml size bottles, in addition to the original 30ml. The price is unbeatable for the quality, as the 60ml is around $30 and 120ml is around $50. It's not the most affordable eLiquid we carry, but you get what you pay for.

Many of the samples we get from companies wanting us to add them to our shelves, use artificial tasting and harsh ingredients. We sample every flavor before adding them. There are times when we try one and stare at each other wondering if anyone actually tasted the e-Liquid before bottling it. Some are just awful. Nothing is worse than that artificial flavor that pastes your tongue and throat.

Well, I've never had a bad experience with any of the King's Crown, Suicide Bunny, or Cloud Company lines. They are all using high-quality VG/PG (most flavors are around 70% VG ratio), and top-notch flavoring (maybe Capella). I can taste the difference. There's no problem plowing through an entire tank of Fight Your Fate without becoming bored.

Fight Your Fate is definitely one of the more refreshing flavors in the line - almost like strawberries floating in a cold glass of lemonade. It's our #2 seller in the line, right behind Claim Your Throne (butterscotch, brown sugar, cream). If you're a fruit/beverage vaper, you'll love Fight Your Fate. Dessert lovers should venture over to Claim Your Throne or the all-time classic Mother's Milk. Load up on this top-shelf eJuice today.

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