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Review of Alien Piss by Bomb Sauce

Review of Alien Piss by Bomb Sauce

Alien Piss by Bomb Sauce wins the award for the best e-Juice name. The question is, does the quality of the juice also deserve accolades? I'd say, yes. I'm a bit partial because I love the blueberry and lemon combination in e-Liquid, but Bomb Sauce created something special here. Not too sweet. Not too sour. Just right.

A big part of the quality of any e-Liquid depends on the quality of the ingredients. Juice lines that use high-quality vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol (VG and PG) tend to be much better tasting and last much longer. You can detect cheaper ingredients in juices that turn dark brown quickly. It's obvious that Bomb Sauce uses excellent ingredients.

From the first sniff, you can tell Alien Piss is an all day vape. You get intense blueberry and lemonade flavors. I've dripped this and used it in my SMOK tank, and have found both to be enjoyable. You really can't go wrong, no matter how you wick it.

This is certainly more of a summer vape, like having a tall glass of cold lemonade with floating blueberries, but don't hesitate to use it year round. Pop open that alien green box, twist off the top, and use the handy glass dropper to fill your tank.

Cloud production is massive with the Bomb Sauce line. Most of their juice is 70% VG. I found a significant throat hit, so keep that in mind when selecting the nic level. It comes in 0-12mg nicotine strengths. If you're a beverage vape junkie, be sure to cloud up your office with Alien Piss.

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