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Review of Aftermath by Flawless

Review of Aftermath by Flawless

Aftermath is the most popular eJuice in the Flawless line. Its unique combination of glazed donut with fruit cereal and vanilla ice cream make it a classic.

Lots of donut juices came out last year, including another of my favorites called Loaded, made by Ruthless. Loaded, while spot on delicious, is glazed donut only. I find I tend to get bored with single flavors. So, when Aftermath was released, I was anxious to try it. It is certainly a complex flavor, hard to put down.

Cereal vapes are even more numerous than donut flavors, with the most popular cereal typically being Looper by ANML. I bet if you mixed Looper and Loaded, you'd come up with something pretty close to Aftermath. Hence, if you like Looper, you'll love this twist by Flawless.

The entire Flawless juice line is reasonably priced at around $20-25 for a 60ml squeeze bottle. While I prefer the needle top unicorn bottles, these with the twist pour are fine for most tanks. An option with SMOK tanks is to remove the white washer from the fill area, exposing the larger hole. It's much easier to fill Flawless juices that way without dripping eJuice all down your arm.

If you're a cinnamon fan, you should try their Hot Mess. Another great one by Flawless is Won't Stop -- strawberry rock candy. Still, the best in this great line, in my opinion, is Aftermath. Loo for that signature red squeeze bottle and load up on a fantastic donut-y cereal vape.

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