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Review of 3 New Dinner Lady Flavors

Review of 3 New Dinner Lady Flavors

Dinner Lady (mostly known for their Lemon Tart and Rice Pudding flavors) has released three new flavors -- Orange Tart, Apple Pie, and Blackberry Crumble. As expected, they are all fantastic. Dinner Lady eLiquids all have a smooth pastry flavor with very little throat hit, and I was pleased to hear they were expanding. Based out of England, you'll find Dinner Lady juices to be top-quality and unique. Here are their new flavors:

  1. Orange Tart - This one is an orange cream (like a Creamsicle) pastry. It's as if you allowed one of those delicious popsicles to melt into a croissant. Absolutely delicious. The orange flavor is more orange candy than orange the fruit, but it is very good.
  2. Apple Pie - Well, you knew they would nail this one. All you need is apples, cinnamon, and pastry/crust. Pretty hard to mess this one up. Dinner Lady delivered again. Many of the apple pie flavors out there are overpowering with cinnamon flavor. This gets it right with a subtle touch. It's truly like vaping a warm apple pie straight from the oven.
  3. Blackberry Crumble - Of the three new eJuices from Dinner Lady, I'd say this one is narrowly my favorite. Blackberry is a distinct flavor, somewhere between blueberry and grape, I'd say. It's fantastic. If you find yourself tired of the usual flavors (strawberry and cream), this will be a welcome change. Blackberry is more popular in England than here in America, but give it a try and you'll be bloody hooked.

The entire Dinner Lady line comes highly recommended. We sell their 60ml bottles for $18.95 - $21.95, which is an absolute steal based on the quality. Try some with your next MaxVaping order.

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