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Premium e-Juice Sale

Premium e-Juice Sale

Sometimes you just need to splurge and enjoy the better things in life. As with other consumables, expensive premium e-juice is usually more complicated, and higher quality. These prime e-liquids are typically made with better, cleaner ingredients, and are often steeped for long periods before release. The steeping saturates the flavor, making it a denser vape.

The best of the best in premium e-Liquid lines would likely be Moku Ayatsu. The e-juices in that brand target candy lovers. When you try one of their e-liquids, you immediately understand why they are a bit pricier. They come in 6 x 30ml unicorn bottles making them convenient to carry.

Another somewhat premium juice line is Cuttwood. Their Unicorn Milk has been a bestseller for us from day one with no sign of pulling back. We have a difficult time keeping their 120ml bottle in stock as many juice buyers load up with three or four bottles with every order. Cuttwood's Sugar Drizzle and Mega Melons are also very popular.

Blue Label Elixir is another favorite premium e-juice line, and many of their flavors are on sale now. The most popular product from BLE is Daddy's -- strawberry, kiwi custard. It's entirely delicious and comes in 35ml and 60ml bottles. Frisco is another excellent flavor they offer (fruit combination) as is GranDaddy (hazelnut custard).

If you're dripping or looking to treat yourself, visit our premium e-juice sales. We have over 150 brands of e-liquid on the shelves right now, so you have lots to choose from, whether you're in the market for an affordable line or want to go premium.

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