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Cheap Vape Juice just got a whole lot Cheaper.

Cheap Vape Juice just got a whole lot Cheaper.

Although the FDA and big tobacco are hell-bent on burying the vape industry, we're not going anywhere. In fact, to make us even more competitive with other online vape shops, we installed software to constantly monitor all vape retail competitors. Once the price of vape juice drops, we automatically adjust our price to match theirs. Plus, you still get to enjoy an additional 25% off your first juice purchase.

Many vape shops are clearing out old stock because of the FDA regulations that are going into effect concerning labeling. The FDA requires the nicotine warning on all vape juice. They also have specific requirements around the size of the warning, placement, and design including which colors are permissible. Vape juice manufacturers are required to use the new labeling in August 2018, and retailers must follow suit in September. It's a pain in the ass, to say the least, but we'll be adding warning stickers to all vape juice stock that is missing the label. Many of our competitors are blowing out all inventory without the labels, that's why the prices have dropped so much.

This all means that August and September are great months to load up on vape juice. Once all of the FDA regulations go into effect, prices will most likely creep back upward. Still, our price matching software will keep an eye on our main competitors and make sure we deliver a superior experience.

One example is the awesome Suicide Bunny and King's Crown lines, where the 120ml bottles (which used to be close to $80) have been priced way down by a competitor to $34.97. That's crazy cheap -- almost wholesale pricing. That's OK, though. We matched them. Load up on 120ml bottles of these fantastic lines -- premium vape juice and a cheap vape juice price.

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