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Cheap Premium e-Juice: 120ml

Cheap Premium e-Juice: 120ml

If you're in the market for cheap, premium e-juice and you're looking to save even more by buying 120ml bottles, you've found the right place. We have many brands of 120ml premium ejuice, many of which are very affordable. Even if you're out to treat yourself with better e-liquid, you can still save by buying 120ml bottles.

Our top-selling cheap e-juice is You Got e-Juice and it comes in 60ml and 120ml squeeze bottles. Don't let the phrase "cheap" fool you because this entire line is top-notch. YGE stacks up very well against the highest quality e-juice you can find on the market. Their Strawberry Cheesecake and Sugar Cookie are bestsellers for us every month. Just check the e-juice reviews and you'll see how much people love this line.

Another great local e-juice line for us is White Label. As with You Got e-Juice, this may be a budget line, but the quality is very high. White Label e-Juice comes in 100ml squeeze bottles, and it is definitely cheap at only $19.99. Their most popular flavors are Butterscotch Caramel and Strawberry Pervert. Check their e-liquid reviews and you'll be confident in buying White Label.

Rounding out our list of great cheap e-juice is Left Coast. Originally, this line was called "Blue Dot." They've switched from 50ml squeeze bottle to 60ml unicorn bottle, and Left Coast has added nicotine salts versions of their flavors. In this line, the most popular cheap e-juice flavors are Milk of the Poppy and Moo Fields. Left Coast is priced around $12.99 for 60ml, which is an absolute steal considering how high-quality the e-juice is.

If you're looking to save a little this tax season, check out our cheap premium e-juice lines.

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