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Big Cheap Bottle BCB Apple Review

Big Cheap Bottle BCB Apple Review

BCB Apple by Big Cheap Bottle is one of the best affordable large bottle ejuices on the market today. The list price on BCB is $25 for a 120ml squeeze bottle, but we sell it for much less.

Remember carnival days, when you could belly up to the counter and order your favorite semi-healthy fruit on a stick - caramel apples? I sure do. That was always one of the last stops, sure to get my face and teeth all gooey and gummy with melted caramel and nuts.

So, to recapture that flavor and memory, the BCB mixologists put together a fine combination of sour green apple and caramel and created a delicious e-Liquid you won't want to miss. Plus, they mix this at an 80% VG level, so you get rich dense clouds from BCB Apple.

Apple was one of the first flavors released by BCB, but they've followed up with many others (we have the entire BCB line). Other personal favorites include their strawberry and lemon flavors. If you like fruity vapes, you'll love those as well.

Fruit and candy lovers will flip for the awesome taste of BCB Apple. You get all the sweet caramel goodness complimented with ripe green apple flavors without the sticky mess, calories, and useless stick. Pick some BCB Apple up today and vape your way back to carnival days.

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