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Best Vape Juice

Best Vape Juice

As we approach the halfway point of 2018, we wanted to give an update about the best vape juice of the year. With the popularity of pod systems growing rapidly, many of the best vape juice choices now have nicotine salts versions. Those nic salts juices are better suited for pod systems in that they have higher concentrations of nicotine for the tiny devices.

Many pod devices, like the JUUL, come with prefilled pods instead of refillable pods. JUUL actually has some great flavors, coming a long way from the awful flavors initially offered with the pod-type devices found in convenience stores. The best vape juice for pod devices so far in 2018 are:

  1. Left Coast Southern Star
  2. JUUL Virginia Tobacco
  3. JUUL Mango
  4. Ruthless EZ Duz It
  5. Juno Pods Menthol

If you're still vaping on regulated mods, tanks, and drippers, you'll probably want to avoid nic salts as it would be pretty harsh in those devices. Still, there are numerous e-liquids of amazing flavor and quality on our list of best vape juice of 2018. Some of these e-liquids have been on our bestsellers list for over 5 years. As long as the FDA doesn't do something foolish like limiting flavors to tobacco and menthol (most adults also appreciate fruit, dessert, and candy), you can browse around our hundreds of brands, sampling some of these top 5 best vape juices of 2018 so far:

  1. eJuice Company Blue Dragon
  2. Cuttwood Unicorn Milk
  3. Suicide Bunny Mother's Milk
  4. Left Coast Samoan Clouds
  5. You Got e-Juice Sugar Cookie

As always, you can conveniently find the bestselling e-liquid here and save big with MaxVaping.

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