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Best e-Liquid Sales

Best e-Liquid Sales

With hundreds of online e-liquid sellers on the web, it's often tough to find the best e-liquid sales for the premium e-liquid brands you want. Sure, you can head to your corner vape shop, but the best sales on e-liquid are usually found in online vape stores like ours.

e-Liquid is sold under slightly different rules than vaping hardware. Vape retailers are given pretty much free reign when it comes to pricing vaping hardware such as mods and attys. Some manufacturers do require that MSRPs are adhered to, but most allow the merchants to set prices as they wish.

With e-liquid sales, the e-liquid manufacturers are typically much more concerned about how much their product is selling for. Most of the distributors provide merchants with a suggested retail and minimum retail price. This is so that retailers don't chase each other down to where there is no profitability left in the e-juice. Once that happens, e-liquid retailers will drop those lines and move toward more profitable e-juice.

Still, e-liquid distributors do allow for periodic sales. These are necessary to clear out overstocked items. Some e-liquid has expiration dates printed on the labels (sort of silly, considering the main ingredients are preservatives). When those e-liquids are about to expire, e-liquid merchants often will put them on clearance sale at 20-50% off.

It's hard to predict which e-liquids will be in sustained demand. Sometimes we, like other e-liquid stores, are stuck with excess inventory, and we need to make room for newer lines that are in higher demand. So, those are the reasons we run e-liquid sales. If you're looking for e-liquid deals, you should visit our site at the page below to take advantage of some of the best e-liquid sales.

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