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Anarchist Juice Review

Anarchist Juice Review

We just added the Anarchist line to our huge catalog of e-liquid. I tried the Anarchist Black and (vanilla cupcake and cereal) and was instantly hooked. I've been dripping it like crazy in the past month. So, we decided to try the other five flavors in the line, and they're fantastic. The nic strengths go 0, 2, 4, and 6, and I've found the nic to be very smooth with little throat hit at 2mg.

Anarchist White - This one would be a close second favorite of mine. I do enjoy bakery flavors and this one perfectly captures a warm cookie with marshmallow.

Anarchist Green - If you like the apple pie vapes, you'll enjoy this. They didn't add as much cinnamon as others, and the apple is more green apple in flavor, slightly sour, which is good.

Anarchist Red - It's similar to a red lifesaver candy. They say strawberry, but it tastes a bit cherry to me. Excellent as the rest.

Anarchist Purple - Another candy, this one tastes like grape bubble gum. Candy lovers will dig this for sure.

Anarchist Blue - They absolutely nailed a Blue Slurpee flavor here. The raspberry is clean, ripe, and dense. I can vape this one all day.

Give these bad boys a try, and I guarantee you'll be happy or we'll refund you. You can't beat the prices at $24.95 for a 60ml squeeze bottle. Nice work, Anarchist ... you are #punkasfuck !


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