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120ml e-Liquid: Is it worthwhile to go BIG?

120ml e-Liquid: Is it worthwhile to go BIG?

120ml bottles of e-Liquid have been on the vaping scene for 5+ years, with prices spanning the spectrum. You could pay anywhere from $20 to $50 for a 120ml bottle of e-Liquid. The question is: Do you save by going big?

The answer is almost definitely yes. Whether it pays to do this though, more so depends on how much e-liquid you go through. If you're dripping, it will take quite some time to go through a 120ml bottle. But, with tanks like the SMOK Prince, you could vape through 5-10ml in a day. Also, if you're in love with a certain e-Liquid, it certainly pays to buy it in larger quantities. You may want to get 3-4 different flavors, though, to keep from getting bored with the same flavor.

At first, the 120ml versions of e-Liquid brands came in a glass bottle with dropper. We still have a few popular brands that come this way, including eJuice Company's Blue Dragon and the entire Big Bottle line. Many, however, have switched over to squeeze bottles. There are two types of 120ml squeeze bottles: the standard with a replaceable twist cap, and the unicorn. I highly prefer the unicorn bottles, especially those that are black or gray, which are opaque to help keep the sunlight out of the juice (which turns it orange).

The top five 120ml e-Liquid bottles as of Spring 2018 are:

  1. You Got e-Juice (especially, Sugar Cookie)
  2. Creme de la Creme (now in black unicorns)
  3. Big Cheap Bottle (also known as BCB - love their apple)
  4. Candy Pop (you have to try their spearmint)
  5. Suicide Bunny (still in glass bottles for now, but oh so good)

We have a convenient page on MaxVaping where you can find all of the large 120ml (and even larger) e-Liquid bottles: Find it HERE.

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