WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vapes for Sale - Box Mods, Tanks, and Premium Coils

Vapes for Sale - Box Mods, Tanks, and Premium Coils

When you're searching for vapes for sale online, you'll find hundreds of online vape shops including ours here at MaxVaping. How do you decide which vape shop to visit to buy your vaping hardware, vape juice, and coils? For some vapers, the lowest price is the deciding factor. For others, customer service is the most important decision point. For most, it's a combination of everything from ease of website use, size of vaping product catalog, price, quick shipping, and great follow-up customer service.

Here at MaxVaping, we strive to be the best of all of those aspects of your vape shop experience.

We have designed our online vape shops to be very easy to use. Whether you're searching for vaping hardware or vape juice (at MaxeJuice), you're only a few clicks away from the product you need. On our vape juice site, you can search for e-liquid containing your favorite flavor by typing that flavor in the search box on the top left. For example, if you love coffee flavors, type coffee in the search and you'll get a list of dozens of vape juice flavors and vape brands that feature that flavor.

Our bestselling vaping hardware has been our MaxVaping coils. Nobody can create coils as clean and complex as ours by hand. We've sold many thousands of coils, with the Alien and Fused Clapton being the most popular. We always recommend buying the variety pack in either Stainless Steel (for temp control) or Kanthal where you'll get two of five different styles of coils. You can try and compare them, then buy the full 10-pack.

As one of the best online vape shops, we offer same day free shipping on $50+ orders placed weekdays before 3 pm PST. If your order is over one pound, we provide free priority mail shipping for your order, so you'll typically receive your package in a few days.

Shop around and find the best prices on vapes for sale here at MaxVaping and MaxeJuice.