WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The Best Vape Coils for RDA

The Best Vape Coils for RDA

Although many vapers have opted for vape tanks, and there certainly are many very good ones on the market, other vape enthusiasts prefer the larger vapor and flavor they get from using an RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer). The new SMOK Tank coils are about as close as one can get to the performance of an RDA, but if you install one of our exotic pre-built vape coils into your RDA, you'll appreciate the difference.

Since we began selling our custom-built vape coils years ago, the most popular style is the Fused Clapton. It's basically two wires that are wrapped with a smaller wire. It looks a little like a guitar string, that's why they are called Claptons. The reason people tend to love this coil is the fact that the wrapping distributes the vape juice better across the cotton, and the coil fires very evenly.

Please note that many of our pre-built coils are very low resistance, including some under 0.30 ohms. You need to make sure your atomizer, mod, and vape batteries can handle the low resistance. Also, make sure your RDA has post holes big enough to fit the legs of the coils. It's also important to remember that our resistance listed is for ONE COIL. If you have a two-coil setup, you need to realize the resistance is halved, not doubled. Hence, if you install two 0.30 ohm coils, the resistance will be 0.15 ohms. If your mod cannot handle that low of a resistance, you'll probably see a message like "short" or "coil missing."

We have 20+ version of our coils available in both FeCrAl (similar to Kanthal®) and Stainless Steel (used for temperature control devices). If you are unsure which to try, consider buying a variety pack, which has two coils of five different popular vape coil types. Then, you can try them all and decide which works best.

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