WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Best RDA Coils - Save time and money. Try ours.

Best RDA Coils - Save time and money. Try ours.

People using rebuildable atomizers (RDA) are constantly looking for the best RDA coils to use in their attys. Sure, if you have a spool of Kanthal, stainless steel, nickel, or nichrome, and some tools, you can easily build your own. The problem is that the coils you build are likely to be inconsistent as far as resistance goes, and possibly unsafe with shorts and hot spots. The safest and best option is to buy the best RDA coils from trusted manufacturers who use machinery designed to create the best coils.

To some, the best RDA coils are the ones that provide the best flavor. That typically means the coils are dense (lots of wires and ribbons) giving a large surface area in contact with the cotton. Our bestselling RDA coils are the fused claptons for this reason. When you examine the coil you see 26 gauge (26g) wires wrapped with 32g wire. Because it looks similar to a guitar string, this type of coils is called Clapton coils (after Eric Clapton, famous guitarist).

Those fused claptons come in around 0.3 ohms resistance each. If you have two coils installed in your RDA, remember that the resistance is halved, not doubled. That means a dual fused clapton coil build will come in around 0.15 ohms. For some setups, that resistance is too low to fire. Check your mod and batteries and make sure they can handle that low of a resistance.

Coils made with ribbon (both Kanthal and stainless steel) are great choices for high flavor. The full surface of the coils heat up the cotton, releasing lots of flavor. Our juggernaut coils are perfect examples of ribbon builds that throw off great flavor. Keep in mind, the resistance of those juggernauts is very low for doubles (0.25 ohm).

As far as material used in making the coils, typically your choice is Kanthal or stainless steel. Since the name "Kanthal" is trademarked, most companies sell that wire as FeCrAl (iron, chrome, aluminum), which names the elements included in Kanthal, so they are practically the same as Kanthal. For temperature control setups, you'll need stainless steel coils, as those setups don't read temperatures from FeCrAl coils accurately.

No matter your preference -- we have dozens of varieties -- you're far better off spending your time vaping as opposed to building coils. If you're unsure which will work best for you, pick up one of our variety packs. Once you find your favorite you can stock up on some of the best RDA coils by shopping here.