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What are the best online vaping stores?

May 13, 2018

What are the best online vaping stores?

The best online vape shops have a large variety of new vaping products and e-liquid at competitive prices. Also, the best online vaping stores offer quick, free shipping. There are thousands of vape sites. How do you choose the best vape shop? We'd love to be considered one of the best online shops, so here are some of the guidelines we follow to keep improving.

  1. Variety - Whether the online vape shop is selling mods, tanks, and coils or primarily e-liquid, it is important they have many brands and models to offer. Mods are typically the biggest upfront investment. It's important the online shop has the latest and greatest and budget to high-end mods. For e-liquid, the best online vape shops have hundreds of brands and flavors but also stocks those e-juices in all nic strengths.
  2. Price - Some vape products have fixed retail pricing known as minimum suggested retail prices. Most allow merchants to price products as they see fit. Typically, products obtained from China are priced at around double the cost, whereas items obtained in the US from distributors are priced 25-40% over cost. You'll find a wide variance in vape products prices when you search online. Also, most merchants offer daily specials. As you would for any other products, simply search for the lowest vape product prices before buying.
  3. Shipping - Nothing is more frustrating than having to wait weeks to get your products after paying for them. The best vape shops offer same or next business day fulfillment. Many use the USPS for shipping, and some others offer FedEx, UPS, or DHL. The shippers are all similar in handling times. If you are in a hurry and willing to pay extra, the best online vape shops offer Priority and Express shipping. Keep in mind that once the package is handed over to the shipper, the merchant has no control over the speed with which it gets to you.
  4. Customer Service - As with any business, the best vape shops offer great customer service, including many ways of contacting the merchant, including phone, email, and chat. Also, the best vapor stores are quick to respond to inquiries. If the vape site offers chat, that's usually the most convenient way to speak to a rep. Otherwise, a toll-free number helps and quick, helpful response to emails is a must. Check the "contact us" links on the vape store website to see the best ways to contact the merchant. Hopefully, they list their office hours as well.

All of the above are crucial to being one of the best online vaping stores. Here at MaxVaping, we use those guidelines and are proud to be among the best. Shop our websites and see.