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Nicotine Warning

The Cloud Company

Cloud Company is the result of a year of new experiences and the discovery of another fascinating part of the Vape Community: Cloud Chasers. Pip was asked by cloud chasers to sponsor their team at a local cloud competition.

Happy and honored to oblige, Pip wanted to create something special for their competition: the perfect blend of maximum vegetable glycerin (VG) and flavor. “It was amazing to see these individuals so passionate about what they were doing,” Pip recalls. Not long after visiting her first cloud competition, Pip was asked to sponsor another cloud competition—this time in California.

Pip poured her creative talents into the blend for that competition as well. Over the past year Pip has hosted or sponsored over 60 competitions, creating a new liquid each time for the contestants. With each batch Pip endeavored to create a liquid that would deliver fuller-bodied clouds, greater heat endurance, and complex flavors.