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Nicotine Warning

MXJO: High-output, high-quality, durable vaping batteries.

MXJO was established in Shenzhen, China. It is committed to offering awesome high-quality vaping power products (batteries) and other vaping accessories.

MXJO is one of the most trusted and sought-after battery manufacturers on the market. They use their advanced expertise to create safe, high-performance batteries. The popular MXJO 18650 batteries are high-output, high-quality, durable batteries, and many come with battery cases. MXJO batteries have enough amperage to power just about any mod, even power hungry high-wattage box mods.

You can feel safe when using MXJO Batteries as they are designed and built with the utmost safety in mind. Always make sure you are using the proper battery for your vape setup. Be sure your vape mod has battery venting holes. Also, make sure your battery wrap is intact before using them.

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