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Nicotine Warning

6mg Nicotine e-Liquid: Save on 6mg nic vape juice.

6mg Nicotine Level e-Liquid is designed to be used in vape tanks and RBAs.

This is one of the most popular nic levels right behind 3mg nic. Most of the e-juice brands we carry come in 6mg nic levels. If you're looking for vape juice for your refillable pod system, you're going to want nicotine salts liquid, which usually starts around 12mg in nic strength.

The most popular 6mg nic level liquid we sell is Sugar Cookie by YouGoteJuice. This entire vape juice brand comes in both 60ml and 120ml squeeze bottles. You can't go wrong as they are priced at $11.99 and $20.99, and the quality of the juice is top-shelf. Another popular 6mg nic flavor from YouGoteJuice is Strawberry Custard. If you're a custard lover, make sure you try it.

Another bestselling 6 mg nic level juice is Milk of the Poppy by Left Coast. This is another fruit custard vape, which has been flying from our shelves since we began selling it many years ago. Check the reviews of Milk of the Poppy and you'll see how fellow vapers feel about this awesome line. Another great 6 mg juice from Left Coast is Moo Fields.

If you're looking for a uniquely refreshing vape, try Blue Dragon from eJuice Company in 6mg nicotine levels. This fine e-liquid has a combination of blueberry and dragon fruit with cool, minty undertone. You can pick Blue Dragon up in 15ml to 120ml sizes and they even have a max VG version, also in 6mg nic levels.

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