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Nicotine Warning

36mg Nicotine e-Liquid. Save on 36mg Nic e Juice.

36mg Nicotine e-Liquid. These 36mg nic level juices are designed to be used in refillable vape pod systems. You don't want to use these in traditional vape tanks and dripping atomizers, as it would be way too harsh. If you have a refillable pod system, definitely give these 36mg nic juices a try. You may find some pre-filled pods for vape pod systems at 36mg levels, and you may see that nic concentration labeled as 3.6%, which is the same as 36mg nic level. Again, make sure you only use juices at such high nic levels in pod systems. Note also that most pods are not interchangeable between pod devices.

Juno Pods are the most popular 36mg nic level juices. Those pre-filled pods are specifically designed for Juno pod devices and won't work in other pod systems. If you're switching from traditional cigarettes to a pod system, definitely consider trying the Juno Pods at 36mg.