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Nicotine Warning

2mg Nicotine e-Liquid: Save on 2mg nic e juice.

2mg Nicotine Level e-Liquid is one of the lowest e juice nicotine levels you can find for vape juice with nicotine. You'll find more ejuices at 1.5mg than 2mg ejuice nicotine levels, but some very fine vape juices do come in 2mg nic levels. You'll find they are not very different from 1.5mg nic levels. This is the nic level you should be working toward, if not zero nic levels. At this 2mg vape juice with nicotine level, you'll enjoy more flavor and clouds without the strong throat punch you get from the higher nic level juices. The entire Anarchist line comes in 2mg nic level versions, and they are some of the finest e juices we carry. Give 2mg nic level juices a try as you work your way down, reducing your nic use.

Flawless, Anarchist, and Tuglyfe vape liquids come in even nic strengths including the 2mg e juice nicotine level. Of those, We Ain't Done by Flawless has been a bestselling favorite vape juice at MaxVaping. It's like a strawberry-filled chimichanga cinnamon pastry dipped in vanilla ice cream. Very clean tasting and delicious.