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Nicotine Warning

24mg Nicotine e-Liquid: Save on 24mg Nic eJuice.

24mg Nicotine Level e-Liquid: This is the highest nicotine level of traditional e-juice.

Only nicotine salts e-liquids (designed for pod systems) have higher nicotine content at between 30mg and 50mg. Left Coast does offer 12mg and 24mg nic levels in both regular nic and nic salts.

It's not advisable to use such a high level of nicotine in any dripping or tank setup, except the old cartridge-based pen systems. In new drippers and tanks, you'll find 24mg nic levels very harsh. If you're coming off of smoking multiple packs of cigarettes a day, this might be OK for your first few weeks switching over, but seriously consider cutting down to 12mg, then try 3mg or 6mg nic level juices after a few weeks or month. Long-term vaping at 24 mg is not advisable unless you're using a pod system.

The most popular 24 mg nic strength liquid is Milk of the Poppy from Left Coast, which is their sweet cream flavor. Another not to miss is Moo Fields. As strawberry creams go, this is one of the finest, especially at only $12.99 for a 60ml bottle. Left Coast has these two plus many more vape juice flavors at 0mg - 24mg nic strengths including nic salts.

Give 24mg nic juice a try, and you'll be coming back for more soon.