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Nicotine Warning

18mg Nicotine e-Liquid: Save on 18 mg Vape Juice Brands

18mg Nicotine Level e-Liquid: This nic level is pretty high. We strongly advise against using 12mg, 18mg, or 24mg nicotine levels in drippers. Even in tanks, those nic levels may be harsh. These high-level nicotine juices are for people who are just beginning the process of quitting cigarettes and are using a cartridge or vape pen setup. If you're using 18mg nicotine level liquid flavors, you're going to feel an intense throat hit. After some time you should try to reduce these nicotine levels down to 6mg or less. We advise you not to use 18mg nic level juices in rebuildable atomizers, as the nic concentration so high will be very harsh. Most vape tanks will work well with 18mg nic, but even many of those will be quite harsh at a high nic level.

The most popular 18 mg nic level juice liquid brand has been Classic Gold from OFE. If you like high vapor production and need a cigarette tobacco flavor that is on the lighter, smoother side, that 18 mg juice should work well for you. There are many different flavors of excellent tobacco flavor in our store, but most of them come at 12 mg or less. We do have 24 mg versions of Southern Star and Newpoe tobacco juice flavor from Left Coast, as well as higher nic salt versions for pod systems.