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Nicotine Warning

12mg Nicotine e-Liquid: Save on 12 mg Nic e-Juice.

12mg Nicotine Level e-Liquid: These have relatively high nicotine content.

If you're using 12mg nic in a dripper instead of a tank, it may be too harsh. Some people, when initially trying to switch from cigarettes to vaping, need higher 12mg or 24mg nicotine levels to more closely mimic the nicotine delivered from the traditional cigarettes. After some time vaping at this level, you should try to reduce to 3mg or 6mg nic levels. This 12mg level is pretty high, so we suggest you do not use it in an RDA as it will be harsh. It should be fine in vape tanks, but you'll get quite a throat hit. Again, if you're at this nic level, think about working your way down toward lower nic levels of 6mg or 3mg. Eventually, you may be able to get to the lowest nicotine level (1.5mg nic), or even 0mg nic.

The bestselling 12 mg nic e-liquid for us has been the delicious Milk of the Poppy by Left Hook Liquids (used to be Blue Dot). This is definitely one of the best-tasting fruit custards on the vape market. You really can't go wrong with Left Coast, priced around $12.99 for 60ml. Milk of the Poppy also comes in nicotine salts versions at 12 mg and 24 mg strengths for use in refillable pod systems.

Another bestselling e-juice at 12mg is Unicorn Milk from Cuttwood. This is the original strawberry cream on the e-juice market, and reign supreme to this day as one of the finest vape juices on the market. We have it in 15ml to 120ml bottles, so load up today.

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