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Nicotine Warning

1.5mg Nicotine e-Liquid: Shop and Save on 1.5mg Nic eJuice

1.5mg Nicotine Level e-Liquid: These e-juices have the lowest level of nicotine of those with nicotine. These are ideal for those wanting huge clouds and flavor and less nicotine. These 1.5mg e-liquids will have much less of a throat hit. They tend to be very smooth e-liquids. If you're cutting back on nic levels but you're not quite ready to go 0mg nic, then these 1.5mg juices will be perfect. Since most lines do not have a 1.5mg nic level option, you can actually make your own quite easily. Just buy a 0mg nic level and 3mg nic level and mix them. You'll have your 1.5mg nicotine level.

Or, you can shop all the wonderful e-juices at the 1.5 mg nic level that we have listed below. The most popular 1.5 mg nic juices are in the Suicide Bunny and King's Crown e-liquid lines. Pick up from 1.5 mg Mother's Milk in 30ml, 60ml, or go big with a 120ml bottle and you'll be in vaping heaven. King's Crown (a Suicide Bunny line) has the popular e-juice Claim Your Throne in 1.5 mg nic, which features butterscotch and brown sugar in a cream base.

You'll find that some 1.5mg nic juices will taste like there is no nic in the juice as they are very light on your throat. Some others do taste similar to a 3mg nic level juice, with a similar throat hit. Check the reviews of the 1.5mg juices below to help determine which is ideal for you.