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Nicotine Warning

Ni80 Raging Fire Coils

Demon Killer

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Demon Killer Raging Fire Coils made with Ni80 (Nichrome). Pack of four coils. Excellent, complex coils braided and twisted to offer premium firing and flavor.

Coil Types Available:

  • Type A: 0.3mm + (0.1mm x 32 wires) diameter / 0.27ohm (40-90W)
  • Type B: 0.3mm + (0.08mm x 48 wires) diameter / 0.25ohm (40-90W)
  • Type C: (0.1mm x 0.3mm) x 8 wires + (0.1mm x 5 wires) diameter / 0.32 ohm (40-90W)
  • Type D: (0.1mm x 0.3mm) x 6 wires x 0.1mm + (0.1mm x 10 wires) diameter / 0.27 ohm (40-90W)