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Vape Breakfast Classics 120ml

Tasty Flavors

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Vape Breakfast Classics By Tasty Flavors E-Liquid 120ml Bottle

  • Deluxe French Dude: Blueberry French Toast meets Fruity Cereal, Marshmallow, and French Vanilla Ice Cream. This delicious combination of flavors stacks the odds against your current all-day vape. Deluxe French Dude is a one-of-a-kind experience that you'll not find anywhere else.
  • Deluxe Pancake Man: The return of the original and famous mix of fluffy Strawberry Pancakes, topped off with exquisite Fruit Cereal, Confections of fluffy Marshmallows, and a rich scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream.
  • French Dude: Blueberry French Toast topped with Whipped Cream and drizzled in Maple Syrup. Considered amongst many to be one of the best vape flavors since 2016, especially amongst those who love an ultra Eggy French Toast.
  • Pancake Man: The classic flavor of freshly made Pancakes, topped with fresh Strawberries, drizzled in Maple Syrup, and topped with Whipped Cream.
  • Reload French Dude: Bringing you that familiar French Toast, Whipped Cream, and Maple Syrup, with a finishing touch of Lemon zest.
  • Reload Pancake Man: Bringing you a fresh stack of Pancakes drizzled with Cookie Butter, Maple Syrup, and Whipped Cream.